today we will talk about pull ups for beginners at home in a horizontal exercise bar. Pull ups can be done by anyone (beginner or expert) that wants to have a good physical fitness.

Most of us already know that these kind of exercises on a horizontal bar focus on the muscles of our back, but they also work out our arms and our shoulders (depending on the handle that we use when we are executing the pull ups).

As we will show in the video below to execute pull-ups for beginners at home on a horizontal bar, we will need a horizontal exercise bar that can be connected with any door in our house. We can find very easily this horizontal bar online. It's really cheap (12-15 Euros) and it can really do a good job.

I bought the Iron Gym Express. I use it very often for 3 months and is really working good for me. After 3 months of use, all that has now is some small damages to the handles, which I fixed by using some insulating tape and I still can do safely any kind of pull ups in any door of my house.

Let's go to the video below and show some basic pull ups with middle handle on the horizontal bar that I have in my house:

You can watch this video also on YOUTUBE - Pull ups for beginners at home

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