Vitamin A for skin and for eyes | Deficiency, foods, benefits, side effects, uses

Vitamin A for skin and for eyes | Deficiency, foods, benefits, side effects, uses

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Vitamin A for skin and for eyes. Which foods contains it? What are the uses & properties, the benefits or the side effects of vitamin A?

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Today I will start talking about each VITAMIN separately. In this article we will talk about vitamin A, which belongs to the group of fat-soluble vitamins. Another very common name of vitamin A is Retinol.

VITAMINA: Uses & properties

The properties of vitamin A and the benefits of using it, are mainly related to the following sections. So here are the most effective «Vitamin A uses»:

  • Eyes
    The main role of vitamin A is about our vision and our eyes. Vitamin A takes an important part in the formation of rhodopsin, a substance of our eyes that is mainly involved in night vision that we have. 
  • Cell Differentiation
    Vitamin A plays an important role in cell differentiation, and is necessary to rebuild and create new cells in our body.
  • Skin and Mucous membranes
    Vitamin A plays an important role in maintaining the health of our skin and the cohesion of our mucous membranes, helping to prevent and control infections of the nose, throat, lungs, urinary tract, etc.
  • Otherproperties
    Vitamin A contributes significantly to the development of the fetus (during pregnancy of women). Also significantly affect bone growth, appetite, taste, hearing, growth and sperm production in men.

«Vitamin A for eyes» and «Vitamin A for skin» are some of the usual sentences that describe and identify the properties and the best vitamin A benefits, that we can have from receiving this vitamin.

VITAMIN A: Sources & foods

Firstly, vitamin A can find it in abundance in fish and their eggs. Also it can be found in butter, milk and liver of several animals. Vitamin A cannot be found in any vegetable or fruit, but it is worth mentioning that some vegetables and fruits contain ingredients that help our body to synthesize Vitamin A itself. Let's mention one example, the carrot contains large amounts of provitamin A or else b-carotene, which is the main nutrient used by our body to synthesize VITAMIN A.

But what are the « VITAMIN A foods »? Let's look at a small table with important sources of various foods, where we can find Vitamin A:

Oil from the liver of fish halibut3.000.000
Liver Lamb66.333
Cod Liver Oil60.000
Cheddar Cheese1210
Pig Liver533
Canned Sardines23

VITAMIN A: Symptoms of the lack of it

The requirements of the human body into vitamin A is about 5000 IU per day, that are considered small amounts on the requirements of our organization to other vitamins.

If we now take smaller amounts, we may create hypovitaminosis and we are going to have consequences mainly in our vision and our eyes. Especially at a very young age (children and infants), a lack of vitamin A can make the eyes very dry, and after that our eyes can become very sensitive to light. Some signs of the lack of vitamin A, are also the various lesions in the oral mucosa and pharynx.

VITAMIN A: Symptoms of excessive intake of it

On the other side now, taking too much vitamin A that exceeds 100,000 IU per day will certainly bring very unpleasant consequences in our body. Possible symptoms and Vitamin A side effects are the following:

  • nausea
  • skin drying
  • hair loss
  • bone pain
  • sleepiness
  • extreme fatigue and sudden depletion of body

Hypervitaminosis in our days, can usually be caused from excessive intake of various dietary supplements.

We must know that our organism has some serious safety levels in receiving various vitamins. Women have to keep in mind that the maximum limit of vitamin A is 25,000 IU / day or 7500 mg / day, and for men is 30,000 IU / day or else 9000 mg / day.

If you pass over this level of security, the receiving VITAMIN A would cause toxicity in our body, because the vitamin is always stored in our liver. After 100,000 IU / day or otherwise 30.000 mg / day, there will be serious consequences for our body. So always be CAREFUL !!!

SPECIAL ATTENTION! Women during pregnancy should not take more than 800 mg / day, but only if their doctor allows it.

Also people with acne problems that follow special treatment on various drugs, may experience different side effects during the treatment, because these drugs already have several amounts of VITAMIN A.

The good news for all of us, are that usually there are no irreversible side effects of an overdose of vitamin A. So if for some reason we will take excessive amounts of vitamin A, any side effects that will occur in our body is usually reversible. Anyway, we always have to be careful not to reach to that point.

Let's look and see the video below that I have prepared for Vitamin A. The video has English subtitles for our non-Greek fellows.

The previous video, you can watch it also in YOUTUBEVITAMIN A for skin and for eyes | Deficiency, foods, benefits, side effects, uses

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Vitamin A for skin and for eyes | Deficiency, foods, benefits, side effects, uses

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